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Our Privacy Protection Promise to You

1. For the past 40 years we were the first and continue to be the leader in protecting privacy for brides-to-be who have entrusted us with their personal information. We consider our relationship with you to be strictly confidential. We will not sell information about you, your fiancÚ, your wedding, etc.

2. There are many websites, clipping services and others who collect bride-to-be names. These are from other web site logins, newspaper announcements, other's bridal show attendance lists & bridal show vendor prize drawing lists, gift registry services and even from retail store customer lists. A large, profitable business exists to sell or trade your name, address, and wedding information -- none of which receive any information from us nor are supported or approved by New England Bride.

3. To keep this website free, select sponsoring wedding professionals who provide the funding this produce and operate this web site receive some of your information to offer you the best with wedding products & services. 4, In addition we may send you promotional mailings and/or emails from us, such as bridal show announcements and special offers from our advertisers. In each instance, you can rest assured that we either send the materials from our offices directly to you, or we hire bonded professional mailing/emailing companies that operate under strictly enforced confidentiality rules. In fact, we seed our list with test names to be sure no one is illegally using our members' information.

5. We also produce bridal shows. If you choose to reserve free tickets vendors at the show will receive your name, address, wedding date and email address.

6. Periodically our staff will contact members asking for suggestions and research information to improve our web site and our magazine. Again, rest assured that this information is for our internal use only and will be held in the strictest confidence.

7. This site uses cookies to make it easier and faster for your to login after you get your free membership.

8.If you suspect that your personal information is being circulated or used illegally, contact or membership department immediately and report this to us for investigation at 1-800-241-5458.